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Rent A Unicorn Bounce House For A Child's Party

Many kids love the magical idea of unicorns, often wearing unicorn-themed clothing and playing with figurines that depict this animal. If you have a child who is passionate about unicorns and will be celebrating a birthday in the near future, there's a good chance that you'll want to plan a unicorn-themed party. Unicorn decorations, disposable plates, and even wrapping paper may all be on your shopping list, but another good idea is to rent a unicorn bounce house for the gathering. Contact an inflatable attractions supplier in your area to learn about what bouncer rentals it has available. The popularity of unicorns means that unicorn bounce houses are prevalent. They'll often feature the following design.

Rainbow Colors

While unicorns can appear in different colors, it's common for rainbow hues to be associated with this animal. If you look at a child's shirt that features a unicorn, it may be riding across a rainbow, for example. You'll find that a lot of unicorn bounce houses feature rainbow hues, which can add a splash of color to your backyard and complement any other unicorn-related elements that you've bought or added. For example, if the bounce house has a slide, the slide might be striped in the colors of the rainbow to give children the feel of sliding down a rainbow.

Unicorn Additions

While some unicorn bounce houses will feature renderings of this animal on their side walls, you'll find that some models actually have inflatable unicorns attached to them. This design can be exciting for kids, who likely haven't seen any depiction of a unicorn nearly this big. For example, there may be an inflatable unicorn that looks as though it's jumping over the entrance to the bounce house. Or, a bounce house may have a pair of unicorns on the sides of the structure.

Cloud-Like Elements

Some unicorn bounce houses feature cloud-like elements, which can give children the fun idea of being in the sky. For example, the inflatable section at the bottom of a rainbow slide may be white and shaped like a cloud. Any imaginative child will have fun pretending that they're bouncing around on clouds while there are unicorns nearby. Your child may even enjoy lying on one of the inflatable clouds and staring up at the real clouds in the sky between bouncing sessions.

Contact an inflatable attractions supplier to inquire about renting a unicorn bounce house.