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Three Dart Games That You Can Rent

Providing high-quality entertainment at an event that you're hosting can be just as important as choosing the right venue and having a selection of tasty food. When you're trying to decide what entertainment to offer, visiting a local party rental service is a good idea. It carries a wide range of games, including many that you haven't previously seen. Many people enjoy renting dart games for their events. This is a game that takes very little time to learn and can be fun for people of all ages. Here are three dart games that you can find available for rent at your local party rental service.

Electronic Darts

Electronic dart machines look a lot like conventional arcade machines and are available at many party rental services. The big benefit to using this machine for a game of darts is that it keeps score for you, displaying this score on a digital screen. In a party environment, renting one or more electronic dart machines makes sense because the games can be quicker. With no time devoted to adding up scores, players will complete their games quickly — allowing other players to step in and play immediately afterward. These games typically have bright lights and fun sounds when a player achieves a bullseye, which can add to the fun of your event.

Inflatable Darts

Party rental services have all sorts of inflatable games, including inflatable darts. While the design of this game can vary a little, it often consists of an enormous, inflatable dartboard that is best to use outdoors or in a room that has a tall ceiling. Instead of throwing darts at the board, players will typically kick soccer-sized balls at the board. The balls will stick to the board wherever they hit it, and the players can then add up their scores.

Traditional Darts

You can also rent traditional dartboards for your event if you know that your guests will favor the classic version of this game. The dartboards will often come in cabinets that feature chalkboard material on one or both sides. The players will use the chalk to keep track of their scores. If you like the idea of providing a few types of dart games at your event, you might expect that your youngest attendees will enjoy the fun of electronic darts, while the older people in attendance will favor the familiar feel of a traditional dart game.