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Water Activities For Youth And Adults

Age-appropriate water slides that are suited for toddlers and school-age children who attend your care center can be used during a family fun extravaganza. Pair the slides with a dunking booth and you have a fun way to get everyone involved in the festivities.

Water Slide Products

If you have seen the price of some brand-new water slide products, you may have quickly dismissed acquiring this type of inflatable for the children to use at the care center. Fortunately, you can acquire water slides of comparable or exceptional value from a rental outfitter. Water slides that are available may include character and themed slides, racing slides, and activity slides.

Smaller children may enjoy frolicking around in ankle-deep water that a toddler slide features. This type of slide will not be steep and may contain a cushioned entryway that youngsters can climb up with little or no assistance.

School-age children may appreciate being equipped with a slide activity that is more challenging. A dual-action racer slide or an inflatable slide that contains balls and other hands-on activities may be a hit at the family event. Rented slide products will likely come with an accessory that is designed to fill a slide with air. A water hose that you provide can be used to inject water down each slide and to fill the water containment area at the bottom of each inflatable.

Reach out to inflatable water slide rental suppliers near you to learn more.

Dunk Booth Products

The rental venue may provide a series of dunk booth products that you can select from. Adding a dunk booth to your party plans is a way to encourage staff members, parents, and guardians to get involved in some water fun. You can even use a dunk booth as a means of raising money for the care center. If you choose to do this, you can charge an admission price for each participant in the dunk activity to pay.

Dunk booths come in rounded and squared-off designs. A booth will feature a seating platform, a water tank, and a trigger button. A rental tank supplier will furnish you with the number of gallons of water that you will need to fill a tank. You will need to use a water hose for this product. You can have the rental outfitter deliver and set up the slides and tank in the areas you have selected for the items. On the day of the family event, encourage the children to use the slides and challenge the adults to participate in the dunk booth activity.