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Six Mistakes To Avoid When It Comes To Throwing A Foam Party For A Kid's Birthday

Throwing a foam party could be a great option if you're planning a special event for a kid's birthday. However, you need to plan carefully to avoid some common foam party mistakes.

The following are six mistakes to avoid when it comes to throwing a foam party for a kid's birthday. 

Being unaware of what exactly a foam party is

Before you commit to having a foam party, you need to know what it is. Most likely, the foam party will be held on your property. It's therefore important for you to know what you're getting yourself into.

A foam party involves entertaining kids with the use of a machine that generates a large quantity of foam bubbles. These bubbles will be sprayed all over the place and kids then have a great time dancing amidst a field of foam. 

Failing to invest in a quality foam machine

The quality of the foam machine at your foam party is essential. You need to hire a foam party service with a powerful foam machine.

Kids are quickly going to grow bored at a party with a weak foam machine taking forever to fill the area with foam. It's a good idea to see the machine you'll be using at your party in action so that you know how well it performs. 

Not knowing what the power requirements are for the foam machine that will be used

While it's important to know that you'll be renting a powerful foam machine for your party, it's also important to know that you have an outlet on your property that can supply the needed power.

You don't want to have to deal with a tripped circuit breaker or other electrical problem during your party. This makes it really important to ask your foam party equipment provider about power requirements before the big day. 

Overlooking the music

At most foam parties, music is an essential consideration. Music is an attraction that enhances the foam party experience. You should either have a deejay or a playlist ready for the party. 

Neglecting to let the invitees know what they should be wearing

Those who attend a foam party need to dress appropriately. Clothing will get wet for those who get into the foam. That's why the attendees should come prepared with clothing that dries quickly and is comfortable when wet.

Footwear is also an important consideration. It's a good idea for event attendees to wear old sneakers that provide good traction and that they don't mind getting soaked. 

Not having a variety of activities available

While foam can be a hugely entertaining party feature, it's important to have a few other party attractions available. In particular, it's important to have the serving of food and a gift-giving ceremony planned in your party schedule. 

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